Red Antler
In a world that's constantly telling us how to live our best lives, the Roxie customer seeks to live by their own rules, unbound by compromise or convention. Everything you do, you do because it feels exactly right in that moment—for you and no one else. Fiercely flavorful zero-proof cocktails, perfectly crafted to inspire your unbound experience.
Molson Coors Beverage Company

Jason Moran, Mariel Nardi, Maddie Chaness, Catherine Erath, Jamie Mermelstein, Clare Harper

Digital Designer

Spiked with possibility. A lusciously flavorful, zero-proof cocktail, perfectly paired with whatever you’re up to. We wanted to build a brand experience that blends edgy flair with open-minded attitude to position Roxie as a boundary pushing zero-proof beverage for the cocktail occasion inviting customers into the experimental and authentic world of Roxie - filled with layers of dimension and possibility with every sip (and click).

The beverage industry is in the midst of a new revolution—and this time it’s alcohol free. With the key players quickly multiplying, we focused on “cocktail” alternatives to better dial in on the whitespace. When you’re having a good time, you want to soak it all in, but sometimes alcohol can feel like a barrier; the one thing standing between you and the full experience. You want a beverage in hand that enhances, not limits. Yet often the alcohol-free options are too busy standing in to stand out, leaving you with your curiosity unquenched—and a little bit of FOMO.

Roxie blends experimental flair with “always game” energy to give socializing cocktail drinkers an alcohol free option that lives up to any occasion.

Creatively inspired zero-proof cocktails, crafted to pair with whatever you’re up to.