Red Antler
Katchin is at the forefront of accessories, bringing legacy and up-and-coming brands together to celebrate stories and spark excitement. We’re building an entirely new marketplace to sell watches and accessories directly to consumers. Fossil is the parent company of this brand but they are looking to build a two-sided marketplace with vendors and brands outside of the Fossil umbrella.

Mia Watson, Kelsey Duchesne, Alexandra Rancier, Jamie Mermelstein, Mariel Nardi, Steven Molinari, Julie Helgesen, Natalia Grosner, Lauren Sheldon

Digital Designer
Spark excitement in fashion watches and jewelry, establishing Katchin as a category authority with immersive storytelling and a POV on style that celebrates individuality.

In the time of Amazon, with scores of anonymous products within a swipe’s reach, shopping has lost touch with its origin stories. Yet, often our deepest relationships with “things” are made when we feel connected to the people and practices behind them. That’s why this global watch company is creating a multi-brand accessories website that celebrates the story behind the watch or piece of jewelry through a modern lens, bringing legacy and up-and-coming brands together to spark innovation. This online marketplace will tap into nostalgia while building excitement around the future of watches, featuring makers and products from a mix of heritage and up-and-coming brands, celebrating industry innovation, and showcasing interviews with designers, makers, and industry experts. Users will get the chance to peek behind the curtain while exploring the world of watches past, present, and future.

We want the PDP to have a connection to the makers of watches. We want to emphasize the materials and history of the watches while also helping users emulate an in-store shopping experience through elevated digital features.

We want the PLP to feel like shopping in a boutique. We want to feel like each maker has its own section, similar to a department store, but through the lens of watches. It’s important to convey a sense of tactility and mirror an in-store shopping experience.

To drive authority, our content pages requires an editorial viewpoint on the state of watches and watchmakers, as well as the role of watches within the greater context of fashion. Our “blog” should be elevated to celebrate watches and watch stories. How can we build a novel content template that adds editorial authority to the site?

Educational pages are designed to help with the functional experience of buying a watch online. This should feel like an extension of the content pages, but functionally throughout the site we’ll link towards educational pages to help drive purchase. For this mock up, we’re going to design a watch sizing page that helps users understand how to think about different case sizes and what is the right case size for them.